T3 Nails | Nail salon Union City, CA



1. T3 Manicure $28
(Trim your nails and cuticle, shape and file your nails, warm lotion with 5 minutes of hand massage, a hot towel, and apply regular color).
2. Gel Manicure $40
(Including T3 manicure followed by gel polish. Gel polish is a high-quality polish that is chip resistant, has no drying time, is shiny, and has a flawless high shine that lasts around two weeks).
3. Spot Manicure $33
(Designed for men or women who want a T3 manicure without polish, followed by buffing for a shiny natural appearance).
4. Special T3 Manicure (Recommend) $45
(T3 manicure + followed with Rose soap, lavender salt, sugar scrub, and Antibacterial paraffin heat wax. This service provides relief of minor arthritis, inflammation, joint stiffness, muscle spasms, and dry skin.)
****1 glass of champagne or juices and one plate of snacks or fruits (depending on the season).
5. Special T3 Manicure with gel color $55
6. Princess Mani and Pedi $20
(Design for our little angels (kids): soak their feet in the water, trim nails, and apply regular polish on their toes and nails).

Additional Manicure

Color change with regular polish $15
(File your nails and apply color).
Color change with gel color $20
Nail design $7 +
(check with the technician)
French $7 +
Hot wax Paraffin $6
Take-off gel with no service $15
Take off gel and do service $5
Extra hand massage $10/ 10 minutes


1. T3 Pedicure $35
(Enjoy total relaxation with our modern spa massage chair that provides enhanced mobility, blood circulation, flexibility, and breathing. Also, helps to loosen tight and strained muscles to release the day's stresses. Ecojet universal wet massage during foot soak + sugar scrub + 5 minutes hands massage, warm lotion, and hot towel. It gently exfoliates, softens, and hydrates while soothing and fresh your skin.)
2. T3 Pedicure with gel color $45
3. Herbal Plant T3 Pedicure $45
  • Soak your feet for 10 minutes in the pedi tub with an herbal plant bag, fresh lemon, lavender sea salt, mint soap, and EcoJet universal wet massage.
  • Enjoy relaxation with our modern spa massage chair while soaking your feet in the tub.
  • Trim nails, shape, and clean up the cuticle Sugar scrub, lightly removing callus in the heels.
  • Apply a thinner layer of Collagen Cream Mask over clean legs.
  • Warm lotion and a hot towel.
  • Mainly including a 5-minute foot massage.
  • Apply regular polish.
4. Lemon Pedicure $45
(Make fresh your heels, followed by callus service that removes your dead skin in the heels, refresh with lemon, soften your skin with a sugar scrub, relax with 5 minutes foot massage, warm lotion, hot towel, and your choice of color.)
5. Lemon Pedicure with Gel color $55
6. Special T3 Pedicure $60 ~ 50 mins
(Including T3 pedicure + Air-ring & Ecojet universal wet massage during foot soak + callus service + Rose sugar scrub + Antibacterial Paraffin hot wax and hot stone that provide soothing, fast-acting heat relief of mirror aches and pains.
**** Enjoy champagne and a snack while you are relaxed.
7. Speical T3 Pedicure with Gel Color $70

Additional Pedicure

Color change with regular polish $15
(File your toenails, clean them with water, and apply color)
Color change with gel color $25
(File your toenails, clean them with water, and apply gel- color)
Nail design $7 +
(please ask the technician before doing the service)
Take off gel with no service $15
Take off gel and do regular Pedi $5


Full-sets/ Fill with regular shapes and lanes

Acrylic complete set with gel (shellac)/regular $55 +
Acrylic fill with gel/regular color $50
Dipping powder overlay/ Refill $48 +
Dipping powder complete set (with tip) $55 +
Overlay (powder on natural nail) $48
Ombre powder complete set $65 +
Ombre powder overlay $60
Nail X $50 +
Pink and White complete set $65 +
Pink and white fill $55

Extension’s additional Service

Take off the powder and do service $6
Take off the powder and no service $15
Medium length size $6
Long length size $12
Extra long length size $20
Shape (Oval/round, point/stiletto, coffin) $6
Nail design $7
(please check the price with the technician before doing the service).
French design $7 +
Color change with regular color $20
Color change with gel/shellac color $28
Repair acrylic with regular/gel color $6+/ each
Repair pink and white $8+/ each


Shaping other than a square $6
Extra length $7 & Up
Acrylic nail trim $12

Change Color

Mani - Regular polish $20
Mani - Gel Polish $25
Pedi - Regular polish $27
Pedi - Gel/ Shellac $35


French tip $7 +
Art (check w. Tech) $7 +
Buffer shiny $10
Paraffin $9

Take off gel

Mani $15
Pedi $20


One by one $90
Angel $120
Volume $150
Black Rose $180


Microblading Eyebrow $450
Combination eyebrows $500
Ombre Shading Eyebrows $400
Powder Shading $300
Full Lips $350
Eye Liner $250
Brows Shape $30
Brows Tint $40
Brows Shape & Tint $60


Basic Facial $50 (30 minutes)
Basic facial will help you relax as your face has been pampered. The package includes cleaning, massage, hydrating, and a sun clock.
European Facial $70 (60 minutes)
Indulge yourself in this classic facial massage treatment. It detoxifies, tones, exfoliates, and revitalizes the skin that is tired and stressed. This treatment includes steaming, cleansing, toning, exfoliating, and blackhead extraction (as needed). Followed by a customized mask made up of ingredients specific to your skin’s needs and leaves it refreshed, received, nourished, and hydrated. Finish with a light face and neck massage that promotes healing, wellness, and relaxation.
Fruit facial $80 (60 minutes)
The technician will explain when you request the service.


Lip $7
Chin $12
Sideburn $12
Cheek $15
Eyebrows $15
Under Arm $18 +
Half arm $25 +
Full arm $35 +
Half leg $30 +
Full leg $50 +
Full Face $40 +
Back $40 +
Chest $35 +
Bikini $38 +
Brazilian $45 +